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Gilbert's Revenge 1.0

Game update on 09/07/2023. Created by FeetMakerwith other. Available for download in en.

Long ago, in a distant village, lived the farmer Gilbert under the reign of King Godfrey.
Gilbert lived a peaceful life until King Godfrey did him a great wrong, which led Gilbert to seek revenge...
Gilbert was not intelligent, rich or powerful: but he had a great dowry, which no one else in the kingdom had like him and was known to all women: an enormous "meat pike".
So one night Gilbert sneaks into King Godfrey's castle, where all the women of the court lived, who knew Gilbert's dowry...
And so begins the tale of Gilbert's revenge.

Game is avaialble for Windows


3DCG, 3D Game, Vaginal Sex, Animated, male protagonist

How to install:

Extract and run

Developer comments:

Gilbert's Revenge is a erotic 3D isometric game set in medieval times.
The aim of the game is to fuck all the women in the king's castle, through 5 levels of increasing difficulty, starting from the servants' dormitories and going up to the king's court. All this while avoiding the king's knights, his archers and his traps.

In total it is possible to fuck up to 24 girls, using 8 different positions.

As an alternative to the story mode, it will be possible to access the "fuckede mode", a non-competitive version of the game, with no life, stamina or enemies. All women in the game will be present on the same map and can be fucked without risk of being killed by enemies.

3 versions of the game are offered:

A demo of Gilbert's Revenge, available for free. It will be possible to play one of 5 levels with 2 sexual positions. The "fuckede mode" is not available

To download the Demo, click on "Download now" and then "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" on the upper part of the pop-up window.

A less expensive version with less content. It will be possible to play the first three levels, with 4 sexual positions. The "fuckede mode" is not available

The full version of Gilbert's Revenge. It will be possible to access all the contents of the game, play through all 5 levels, be able to fuck all 24 girls in the game through 8 different sexual positions. The "fuckede mode" is available.
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